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Sphere will make you a believer in the unbelievable!
Michael Crichton has written one of, or possibly, the finest piece of contemporary literature ever. From the first discovery of the spaceship to the conversations with an unknown, alien source. Sphere is the ultimate in science-fiction. Many parts in this book will literally scare the hell out of you. No amount of description is adequate enough to describe the ride Sphere will take you on. Crichton has completely sharpened his suspenseful claws with this masterwork. Oh, one more thing; be sure to read this book in a well lit area. I mean it!

12/07/96, rating=10:
This is Crichton at his best., 10/03/96, rating=10:
The finest work to date by Crichton
This is quite possibly one of the best science fiction novels ever released. Crichton does a supurb job of grabbing the reader and doesn't let go. As the best suprise, Crichton dishes up a perfect ending, something Congo and The Andromeda Strain fell short of accomplishing., 09/19/96, rating=10:
This is the first MC book I'd read, and I've read every one of his books since! I was bored at a library, so I picked out a paperback w/ a nice cover, and there we have my favorite non-classic novel ever! Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? Scientists uncover an alien spaceship from the future, but what they discover in the ship is nothing compared to what they find out about themselves. Mix in high-tech, mystery, suspense (200%!), fear, and there you have THE book which I HAD to finish in one sitting., 06/04/96, rating=9:
Too great to be ruined on the silver screen
While all of Crichton's other books seem to get sliced and trashed by the movie moguls (including the author himself), "Sphere" maintains a plot too complicated to be limited to the 2 hour attention span of the movie-going public. Just when you think you've figured out where the story is going, Crichton spins the plot around so that you feel you've started all over again. I've read all of Crichton's books, I don't always agree with how Crichton ends his novels. This one, however, manages to do a little better in wrapping things up. I think it's a must read for those who enjoy Crichton's style. Defintely the best in the Crichton section.

10/22/95, rating=3:
For some reason I hated this one.
I'm giving the book a 3 simply because it was good Crichton. Till the ending that is. It was the absolutely most disappointing ending to any book I think I've ever read. Other people I've talked to think this is one of the best he's ever written. I guess you'll have to read it yourself.

10/06/95, rating=10:
By far Crichton's best...
I thought nothing could top Jurassic Park, but lo and behold there was sphere. You have to read it!