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A powerful look at sexual harassment in the workplace. Michael Crichton certainly has a knack for writing powerful, complex stories, and DISCLOSURE : A NOVEL fulfills his high standards. DISCLOSURE follows several plots at once: an accusion of sexual harassment towards an employee by his female boss, and his further attack against her in court, run along side a devious scam. Tom Sanders, an employee at DigiCom Corporation, finds himself harassed by Meredith Johnson, his new boss (who has the job HE was in line for) and former lover. In a risky move, Tom takes the case to a lawyer and eventually to court, risking him his job, his friends at work, and his future of employment at Seattle. In his seemingly hopeless quest to bring Meredith to justice, he discovers she is part of a major plan to merge DigiCom with huge conglomerate, and take over the entire company, shutting down their production factories and changing the line of operations. The characters in this story are very realistic and have distinct personalities, the story line is very good, although at times it did get a bit technical (Crichton is renowned for writing very technical stories; in Time Magazine, Sept. 25, 1995, Frank Marshall, the director of "Congo", was quoted as saying, "He's the only writer I know who has footnotes in his fiction."), and overall I was riveted and couldn't put the book down. In short, this is another masterpiece under Crichton's belt.
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