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Awesome Movies

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels DVD
Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels VHS
Perhaps my favorite movie. Cleverly written plot and excellent cinematography. It also has an awesome soundtrack.

Pi the Movies on DVD
Pi the Movie on VHS
This movie ties with LS&2SB as one of my favorite movies. It's a strange, bizarre, unique movie about a somewhat eccentric mathematician who uses the Torah and the number Pi to find the secret of the universe. If you absolutely detest math, or if you have a low tolerance for the bizarre and surreal, don't buy this movie. Otherwise, go for it, because it really is a great movie (it won the Director's Award at the Sundance Film Festival . . .).
BTW, you can also get the book (which I'm assuming would be very interesting).

American Beauty DVD
American Beauty VHS
Another of my favorites. Kevin Spacey's brilliantly portrayed mid-life crisis celebrates the beauty of the individual and the world around us.

The Usual Suspects DVD
The Usual Suspects VHS
Another great Kevin Spacey movie, recounting "the saga of enigmatic Hungarian mobster Keyser Söze." It would be fantastic even if the ending weren't as thrilling as it is.

Clerks DVD
Clerks VHS
The first of the Kevin Smith movies featuring Jay and Silent Bob (my hero!). The movie concerns a day in the life of Dante, a down-on-his-luck store clerk, as he counters a variety of different people amid all their ignorance, prejudice, eccentricity and vice.

Chasing Amy DVD
Chasing Amy VHS
The second of the Smith movies. I have friends who say this is the best movie of the four.

Mallrats DVD
Mallrats VHS
Leonard Maltin didn't like this movie, the third in the series of great Kevin Smith classics, but 129 reviewers and I say otherwise.

Dogma DVD
Dogma VHS
Okay, yeah, it might be a smidge offensive to some . . . Most however should appreciate this movie not only for the comedic beauty of this religious satire, but also for the seriousness and thoughtfulness that lies at the bottom of this comedy about Catholicism.

Annie Hall DVD
Annie Hall VHS
Woody Allen's masterpiece. 'Nuff said.

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