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The Works of Dante

Let's get one thing straight . . . Dante Alighieri was the greatest poet ever to walk the face of this Earth. That being cleared up, here are the Ciardi translations of his works, which I consider to be fantastic, especially for the beginning reader. Ciardi's notes at the end of each canto are also quite insightful. (As a side note to Dr. Ciardi: If you just happen to come across this, I beg you to publish a translation of La Vita Nuova. That's all.) Moving on . . . Here are the works of Dante, the man who is partly responsible for my love of Italy and the Italian language (which he helped to standardize, incidentally . . .). Read and enjoy . . .

The Inferno, in paperback

The Inferno again, in hardcover.

Il Purgatorio

Il Purgatorio in hardcover

Il Paradiso

Il Paradiso, in hardcover.

La Divina Commedia-All three works together, in hardcover.

La Vita Nuova: Poems of Youth
-Good publisher, but I don't know anything about the translator.

La Vita Nuova-Translated by Mark Musa, an excellent translator.
This is the version I have, and I highly recommend it.

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